New Version of ExpressionOasis-3-0-1 Released

This is a micro release with few but important bugs fixes. The new 3.0.1 version should be used to have bug free solution. Fixed issues are:

GoogleCode: #1, #2, #3, #4

New Version of ExpressionOasis-3-0 Released

We are happy to announce release of new version of ExpressionOasis.

Version No: 3.0
Changes and new features with this new release are:
  • License changed from GPL to LGPLv3, so that more people can be benefited by using this free software
  • Major change in root packages name
    • package name is changed from org.ganges.expressionengine to org.vedantatree.expressionoasis
  • Introduced Maven build system, earlier it was based on Ant
  • Dynamic function support
    • Now custom functions can be defined in xml file, customfunctions.xml. System will pick these functions at runtime and make these available
  • Merged configurations in single config.xml file to some extent
  • In memory cache for Compiled Expressions
    • In memory cache may be useful for performance reasons. It can be turned on/off from config by setting value of 'cacheCompiledExpressions' element
  • Issue #2, #3 are fixed listed at Google Code
  • New test cases have been added
It can be downloaded from:

    XpressionEngine Project Renamed as ExpressionOasis

    Dear Friends,

    This project was earlier known as Xpressionengine ( However due to an existing trademark, project has been renamed to 'ExpressionOasis' now.

    We apologize for inconvenience caused.

    New version of ExpressionOasis Released - 2.3

    1. Support for ternary operator
    2. Support for XML expressions, using Xalan XPath
      1. XML Expressions are returning only String type value. 
      2. We can change it to some specific type like Number, String etc in future depending upon data or we should provide some type casting function
    3. Added more test cases 

    Download: Please go to Download page.

    New version of ExpressionOasis Released - 2.2

    New version of 'XpressionEngine' has been released at 

    Release notes: 
    • Support for more math functions
    • Bitwise operators
    • Change precendence of operators -
    • Change '=' operator with '=='

    New version of ExpressionOasis Released - 2.1

    Please refer to for more blogs. 

    New version of Expression Engine has been released at Google Code. It has the fix for unary operators and now supports expressions like

    false || ! false
    -3 * -2 / -6
    20 - (10/-2 + (-5 * -2)) / (15 * (-5/5) )

    Latest release is xpressionengine 2.1.