New Version of ExpressionOasis-3-0 Released

We are happy to announce release of new version of ExpressionOasis.

Version No: 3.0
Changes and new features with this new release are:
  • License changed from GPL to LGPLv3, so that more people can be benefited by using this free software
  • Major change in root packages name
    • package name is changed from org.ganges.expressionengine to org.vedantatree.expressionoasis
  • Introduced Maven build system, earlier it was based on Ant
  • Dynamic function support
    • Now custom functions can be defined in xml file, customfunctions.xml. System will pick these functions at runtime and make these available
  • Merged configurations in single config.xml file to some extent
  • In memory cache for Compiled Expressions
    • In memory cache may be useful for performance reasons. It can be turned on/off from config by setting value of 'cacheCompiledExpressions' element
  • Issue #2, #3 are fixed listed at Google Code
  • New test cases have been added
It can be downloaded from:

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